Tester Packs:

So you would like to try the Viper range of bullets but are not sure if they will work in your gun? We hear from so many shooters that  have numerous boxes of bullets that did not group in their rifles and they have no use for them. Viper Bullets listened, and now offer test packs which contain 12 bullets. The idea being this will allow you to develop 4 loads of 3 shots each – enough to gauge if those particular bullets / weight show enough potential in your rifle to purchase a box. One can even purchase a number of packs in different weights and styles and see what suits you best.

Contact us today for your sample packs!

Reloading Help Line:

Viper Bullets offer a reloading helpline to help solve your reloading problems and answer any questions. Email us today, or as he spends a large amount of time in our workshops and on the shooting range testing our products it is often easier to SMS or WhatsApp Peter at 082 377 6834 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.